Este Blogue tem como objectivo a discussão da violência em geral e da guerra na Pré-História em particular. A Arqueologia da Península Ibérica tem aqui especial relevo. Esperamos cruzar dados de diferentes campos do conhecimento com destaque para a Antropologia Social. As críticas construtivas são bem vindas neste espaço, que se espera, de conhecimento.

Guerra Primitiva\Pré-Histórica
Violência interpessoal colectiva entre duas ou mais comunidades políticas distintas, com o uso de armas tendo como objectivo causar fatalidades, por um motivo colectivo sem hipótese de compensação.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Journal of Conflict Archaeology

University of Glasgow - Centre for Battlefield Archaeology

Founded and edited by Tony Pollard and Iain Banks, the Journal of Conflict Archaeology first made an appearance in the autumn of 2005 and is an English-language journal devoted to battlefield and military archaeology and other spheres of conflict archaeology, covering all periods with a worldwide scope. Additional fields of interest will include the archaeology of industrial and popular protest, contested landscapes and monuments, nationalism and colonialism, class conflict, the origins of conflict, forensic applications in war-zones and human rights cases etc. Themed issues will carry papers on current research, subject and period overviews, fieldwork and excavation reports - interim and final reports, artefact studies, scientific applications, technique evaluations, conference summaries and book reviews. To date three journals have been published based on themes ranging from prehistoric warfare (Volume 2) and to the archaeology of the First World War (Volume 3).

Volume One and Hardback edition Past Tense (2005)

Lon E. Bulgrin The Tudela Site: Fire and Steel over Saipan, 15 June 1944.

John and Patricia Carman Ancient Bloody Meadows: Classical Battlefields in Greece.

Peter Doyle, Peter Barton and Johan Vandewalle Archaeology of the Great War Dugout: Beecham Farm, Passchendaele, Belgium.

Iain Ferris Suffering in Silence: The Political Aesthetics of Pain in Antonine Art.

Peter Harrington Siege Fields: An Archaeological Assessment of English Civil War 'Small' sieges.

Václav Matoušek Building a Model of Field Fortification of the 'Thirty Years War' near Olbramov, Czech Republic.

Tony Pollard and Iain Banks Survey and Excavation of an Anglo-Zulu War Fort at Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Jon Price Orphan Heritage: Issues in Managing the Heritage of the Great War in Northern France and Belgium.

Dean Saitta, Wark Walker and Paul Reckner Battlefields of Class Conflict: Ludlow Then and Now.

Kylie Seretis An Island Divided: Politicised Landscapes, Modern Borders and Shifting Identities.

Birger Stichelbaut The Application of Great War Aerial Photography for Battlefield Archaeology: The Example of Flanders.

Timothy Sutherland The Battle of Agincourt: An Alternative Location?

Natalie Swanepoel Socio-political change on a slave-raiding frontier war, trade and 'Big Men' in nineteenth century Sisalaland, Northern Ghana

Volume 2 and Hardback edition War and Sacrfice (2007)

Ian Armit, Chris Knüsel, John Robb and Rick Schulting Warfare and Violence in Prehistoric Europe: An Introduction

Detlef Gronenborn Climate Change and Socio-Political Crises: Some Cases from Neolithic Central Europe

Mariya Ivanova Tells, Invasion Theories and Warfare in Fifth Millennium B.C. North-Eastern Bulgaria

Paul Logue and James O'Neill Excavations at Bishop's Street Without: 17th Century Conflict Archaeology in Derry City

J.P. Mallory Indo-European Warfare

Mags McCartney Finding Fear in the Iron Age of Southern France

Roger J. Mercer By Other Means? The Development of Warfare in the British Isles 3000 - 500 B.C.

Joerg Orschiedt and Miriam Noel Haidle The LBK Enclosure at Herxheim: Theatre of War or Ritual Centre? References from Osteoarchaeological Investigations

Damian Shiels The Potential for Conflict Archaeology in the Republic of Ireland

Joonäs Sippila and Antti Lahelma War as a Paradigmatic Phenomenon: Endemic Violence and the Finnish Sub-neolithic

Volume 3 and Hardback editon Scorched Earth (2007)

Iain Banks Ghosts in the Desert: The Archaeological Investigation of a Sub-Saharan Battlefield

James Bonsall The Study of Small Finds at the 1644 Battle of Cheriton

Conor Brady, Emmet Byrnes, Gabriel Cooney & Aidan O'Sullivan An Archaeological Study of the Battle of the Boyne at Oldbridge, Co. Meath

Natasha N. Ferguson Platforms of Reconciliation? Issues in the Management of Battlefield Heritage in the Republic of Ireland

Tom Fisher Objects for Peaceful Disordering: Indigenous Designs and Practices of Protest

Derek Allsop and Glenn Foard Case Shot: An Interim Report on Experimental Firing and Analysis to Interpret Early Modern Battlefield Assemblages

Alistair H. Fraser & Martin Brown Mud, Blood and Missing Men: Excavations at Serre, Somme, France

William O. Frazer Field of Fire: Evidence for Wartime Conflict in a 17th Century Cottier Settlement in County Meath, Ireland

Padraig Lenihan Unhappy Campers: Dundalk (1689) and After

Damian Sheils Battle and Siege Maps of Elizabethan Ireland: Blueprint for Archaeologists

David Sneddon Newfoundlanders in a Highland Forest During WWII

Tina L. Thurston Rituals of Rebellion: Cultural Narratives and Metadiscourse of Violent Conflict in Iron Age and Medieval Denmark

Jonathan Trigg Memory and Memorial: A Study of Official and Military Commemoration of the Dead, and Family and Community Memory in Essex and East London

Volume Four and Hardback edition Bastions and Barbwire

N A Roberts, J W Brown, B Hammett & P D F Kingston A Detailed Study of the Effectiveness and Capabilities of 18th Century Musketry on the Battlefield

Xavier Rubio Campillo An Archaeological Study of Talamanca Battlefield

Gavin Hughes and Jonty Trigg Remembering the Charge of the Light Brigade: A Re-appraisal of Historical and Monumental Sources with Specific Reference to Commemoration, War Memorials and Memory

Nicolas K Grguric Fortified Homesteads: The Architecture of Fear in Frontier South Australia and the Northern Territory, CA. 1847-1885

David G Passmore & Stephan Harrison Landscapes of the Battle of the Bulge: WW2 Field Fortifications in the Ardennes Forests of Belgium

Tony Pollard and Iain Banks Archeological Investigation of Military Sites on Inchkeith Island

James E. Snead War and Place: Landscapes of Conflict and Destruction in Prehistory

Tony Pollard The Archaeology of the Siege of Leith, 1560

Tony Pollard with a contribution by Olivia Lelong The Archaeology of the Siege of Fort William, 1746

Adrian T. Myers Between Memory and Materiality: An Archaeological Approach to Studying the Nazi Concentration Camps

Volume Five: Available soon in Spring 2010

Tim Sutherland Killing Time: Challenging the Common Perceptions of Three Medieval Conflicts - Ferrybridge, Dintingdale and Towton

Arne Homann and Jochim Weise The Archaeological Investigation of Two Battles and an Engagment in North Geremany from the 19th Century: A summary of work carried out at Idstedt, Großbeeren and Lauenburg

Oula Seitsonen & Liisa Kunnas Ahvola 1918: Archaeological Reconnaissance of a Finnish Civil War Battlefield

Thomas J. Nolan Geographic Information Science as a Method of Intergrating History and Archaeology for Battlefield Interpretation

Tim Sutherland An Archaeological Watching Brief and Metal Detector Survey at Gill House Farm, Long Marston, North Yorkshire

Stefano Vanin, Margherita Turchetto, Andrea Calassi & Cristina Cattaneo Forensic Entomology and the Archaeology of War

Jon Cooper What's Missing Here? Homing in on Haddington's Lost Defences

Volker Demuth Those who survived the battlefields: Archaeological Investigations in a Prisoner of War Camp near Quedlinburg (Harz/Germany) from the First World War

Carlos G. Landa, Emanuel G. Montanari, Facundo Gόmez Romero, Horacio De Rosa, Nicolás C. Ciarlo and Ignacio Clemente Conte Not All Were Spears and Facones*: Firearms from Otamendi Fortlet (1858-1869), Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Tim Whitford & Tony Pollard For Duty Done: A WWI Military Medallion Recovered from the Mass Grave Site at Fromelles, Northern France

David Pearson & Graham Connah Battlefield Casulty: The Archaeology of a Captured Gun

Michelle Defreese Kosovo: Cultrual Heritage in Conflict

Book Reviews

Review Article: Jen Novotny Digging deeper: recent publications on First World War archaeology

John Schofield Aftermath: Readings in the Archaeology of Recent Conflict [Adrian Meyers]

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