Este Blogue tem como objectivo a discussão da violência em geral e da guerra na Pré-História em particular. A Arqueologia da Península Ibérica tem aqui especial relevo. Esperamos cruzar dados de diferentes campos do conhecimento com destaque para a Antropologia Social. As críticas construtivas são bem vindas neste espaço, que se espera, de conhecimento.

Guerra Primitiva\Pré-Histórica
Violência interpessoal colectiva entre duas ou mais comunidades políticas distintas, com o uso de armas tendo como objectivo causar fatalidades, por um motivo colectivo sem hipótese de compensação.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

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Man first reaction
Man first reaction to the unknown is violence in societies the reaction is war and genocide, we need to study the origin of war - Blog Violence and Prehistory.

Man, Science and Art
Man is science and art, they've been with him through the ages. Military science or art as been Man biggest investment. The World we live in is the result of our knowlegde. Knowlegde in killing and oppresing Nature and fellow sapiens.

In a small group its easy to behave in ways that reduce our individual fitness but increase the fitness of the group (Altruism). You will fight for your family, for your Band and sacrifice yourself easely. In larger groups like the States in which we live in a concept was invented: Heroism.

Field Battle and Ritual
In smaller societies (Bands, Tribes and small Chiefdoms) field battle is ritual, with rules and a few casulties, it's a form of settling group disputes, ends with the ofenders death or with some form payment. Societies that saw in field battle the only purpose of annihilation became Empires (Romans, Zulus, USA,....).

Classical War
We cant use the term "Classical war", Greeek war was very different from Roman war, the first had ritual field battles with rules engraved on stone and a few casulties, the romans fought to the last man.

War Chronology
We cant define war chronologically, even today we have tribal war (guerrilla warfare) in Afeganistan, Papua, South America......everywhere autochthonos people fight state invaders.

A origem da violência - The origin of violence
O Homem é violento por natureza ou cultura?
Is Man violent by nature or culture?

Paralelo - Parallel
É possivel o paralelo entre sociedades pré-históricas e sociedades históricas ou etnográficas contemporâneas?
It´s possible the parallel between prehistoric societies and historical or ethnological contemporary societies?

A origem da guerra - The origin of war
Quando começou a guerra?
When did war start?

Pontas de seta - Discussão

Discussão - O Debate da guerra primitiva pré-histórica pela Arqueologia (recente) portuguesa

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