Este Blogue tem como objectivo a discussão da violência em geral e da guerra na Pré-História em particular. A Arqueologia da Península Ibérica tem aqui especial relevo. Esperamos cruzar dados de diferentes campos do conhecimento com destaque para a Antropologia Social. As críticas construtivas são bem vindas neste espaço, que se espera, de conhecimento.

Guerra Primitiva\Pré-Histórica
Violência interpessoal colectiva entre duas ou mais comunidades políticas distintas, com o uso de armas tendo como objectivo causar fatalidades, por um motivo colectivo sem hipótese de compensação.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Index - Otto et al. - Warfare and Society: Archaeological and Social Anthropological Perspectives

1 Warfare and Society: Archaeological and Social Anthropological
Perspectives · 9
Ton Otto, Henrik Thrane, and Helle Vandkilde
2 Conceptions of Warfare in Western Thought and Research:
An Introduction · 23
Ton Otto
3 Laying Aside the Spear: Hobbesian Warre and the Maussian Gift · 29
Raymond Corbey
4 Aspects of War and Warfare in Western Philosophy and History · 37
David Warburton
5 Archaeology and War: Presentations of Warriors and Peasants
in Archaeological Interpretations · 57
Helle Vandkilde
6 ‘Total War’ and the Ethnography of New Guinea · 75
Erik Brandt
7 War as Practice, Power, and Processor: A Framework for the Analysis
of War and Social Structural Change · 89
Claus Bossen
8 Warfare and pre-State Societies: An Introduction · 105
Helle Vandkilde
9 War and Peace in Societies without Central Power: Theories and
Perspectives · 113
Jürg Helbling
10 Fighting and Feuding in Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Ireland · 141
Nick Thorpe
11 The Impact of Egalitarian Institutions on Warfare among the Enga:
An Ethnohistorical Perspective · 167
Polly Wiessner
12 Warfare and Exchange in a Melanesian Society before Colonial
Pacification: The Case of Manus, Papua New Guinea · 187
Ton Otto
13 Warfare and Colonialism in the Bismarck Archipelago,
Papua New Guinea · 201
Chris Gosden
14 Warfare and the State: An Introduction · 211
Henrik Thrane

15 War and State Formation: What is the Connection? · 217
Henri Claessen
16 Warrior Bands, War Lords, and the Birth of Tribes and States in the First
Millennium AD in Middle Europe · 227
Heiko Steuer
17 Chiefs Made War and War Made States? War and Early State Formation
in Ancient Fiji and Hawaii · 237
Claus Bossen
18 Warfare in Africa: Reframing State and ‘Culture’ as Factors of Violent
Conflict · 261
Jan Abbink
19 Warfare, Rituals, and Mass Graves: An Introduction · 275
Henrik Thrane

20 Semiologies of Subjugation: The Ritualisation of War-Prisoners in Later
European Antiquity · 281
Miranda Aldhouse-Green
21 Rebellion, Combat, and Massacre: A Medieval Mass Grave at Sandbjerg
near Næstved in Denmark · 305
Pia Bennike
22 Society and the Structure of Violence: A Story Told by Middle Bronze
Age Human Remains from Central Norway · 319
Hilde Fyllingen
23 The Dead of Tormarton: Bronze Age Combat Victims? · 331
Richard Osgood
24 Funerary Rituals and Warfare in the Early Bronze Age Nitra Culture of
Slovakia and Moravia · 341
Andreas Hårde
25 Warfare, Discourse, and Identity: An Introduction · 385
Ton Otto

26 Warriors and Warrior Institutions in Copper Age Europe · 393
Helle Vandkilde
27 From Gilgamesh to Terminator: The Warrior as Masculine Ideal
– Historical and Contemporary Perspectives · 423
Sanimir Resic
28 The (Dis)Comfort of Conformism: Post-War Nationalism and Coping
with Powerlessness in Croatian Villages · 433
Stef Jansen
29 Violence and Identification in a Bosnian Town: An Empirical Critique
of Structural Theories of Violence · 447
Torsten Kolind
30 War as Field and Site: Anthropologists, Archaeologists, and the Violence
of Maya Cultural Continuities · 469
Staffan Löfving
31 Warfare, Weaponry, and Material Culture: An Introduction · 483
Helle Vandkilde

32 Swords and Other Weapons in the Nordic Bronze Age: Technology,
Treatment, and Contexts · 491
Henrik Thrane
33 What Does the Context of Deposition and Frequency of Bronze Age
Weaponry Tell Us about the Function of Weapons? · 505
Anthony Harding
34 Warfare and Gender According to Homer: An Archaeology of an
Aristocratic Warrior Culture · 515
Helle Vandkilde
Index · 529

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